If you visit a page on Facebook or Twitter the URL will contain that person’s name, however if you look up a person on Google+ instead of their name you will be greeted with a group of letters and numbers that represent that person or company. However this is slowly changing as Google are introducing ‘Vanity URLs’.

To begin with only a few registered profiles will receive these ‘Vanity URLs’ but Google have said that over time they will give all users the chance to reserve their own URL, however no date has been announced.

Saurabh Sharma who announced this update via a blog post also added that this update will make finding specific people so much easier than it currently is.

At the moment, the likes of David Beckham, Hugh Jackman and Britney Spears are some of the lucky people to have this update added to their Google+ page. It isn’t just celebrities who will have access to this update; the likes of Hugo Boss, Toyota and Delta have also been given their own Vanity URL.

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