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Yesterday evening, Google launched the long awaited pages for their social network platform Google+. Before now, only individuals were able to sign up, but now the social network with over 40 million users has opened its door to brands too.

So what does this mean for marketers?

The main thing to remember is that Google+ is a child of the global search engine, and if you look at the last few months, you will realise that Google is integrating each of its products together in an inescapable web. It is likely that we will start to see a much greater integration of Google+ into search results for both people and brands, so in terms of SEO, this is looking to be key in the near future.

Further benefits lie in how Google+ actually works. For brands, it allows a much easier interface for grouping clients and customers into circles, allowing you to target different groups or demographics with different content at the same time.

Hangouts are another feature of Google+ that will have many a marketer open their eyes to the possibilities. Now brands can hold web conferences free of charge, directly from inside the social network.

Receptional on Google+

Time will tell as to whether Google can position their social network as the best platform in town, but they’re making several moves that might well get them to that spot. Time will tell…

You can find Receptional on Google+ here. Circle us, as we’re going to be adding Google+ specific tips up there over the next few weeks! But if you’re looking to get up and running on Google+, and develop a social strategy that will deliver results, give us a call, email, or catch up with us online!