Google's Most Explosive Logo To Date?

Today, Google has the most explosive logo I have ever seen on their homepage. Their logo consists of dozens of balls that form “Google” – but bounce around the screen once you move your cursor between them, before coming together to reform the logo once you move your cursor away.


Keeping an eye on the monitors around the office, I can see this has been Google’s second most fun logo since Pacman!

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  1. Well although we were presented this morning with yet another Google logo design/feature, unfortunately the novelty of this latest one wore off very quickly! (Incidentally with this latest logo it comes to life when you shake/move your browser window too). Now Pacman on the other hand kept most Googlers entertained for hours on the day of it’s appearance, I for one didn’t get much work done – sorry Dixon! 😉

    Most logo designs from the team at Google are typically accompanied with a solid link to a holiday/special event however with this latest design it’s not the case. There appears to be much speculation about it’s explanation from being a HTML5 jab at Apple to a link with 7th September – the date of Google’s incorporation.

    Well the jury’s still out on this one so we’ll have to wait and see what the team over at Google reveal in the coming days!

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