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(Via WebmasterWorld) Google are currently running a limited-user test on a new SERP feature – instead of the result URL displayed in green under a listing, there is a “breadcrumb trail” style navigation.

Here’s a fairly generic search where the Independent have a small breadcrumb trail:

Google breadcrumb in SERPs

Note that green URLs are not usually linked in Google SERPs, so these represent additional links for any site that gets them. There were sightings of this a few months ago, but it is perhaps nearer to prime time now.

It seems like it could be a fairly handy usability feature if the actual destination URL is too specific – allowing users to choose a higher-level entry point on a particular website.

The results appear to be rotated for individual users and may be tied into particular data centres, so the same search repeated may not show the feature.

Now to have a look at which websites get the treatment, and what criteria are involved – no doubt good categorisation will rear its head again ;)