Google+ – The Latest Attempt to Challenge Facebook

Google has launched a new social networking website in its latest attempt to take on Facebook.

Google+ as it’s named, allows individuals to share photos, comments and messages, whilst also integrating their Maps and Images tools into the service.

Both of Google’s previous attempts to take on Facebook, with Google Wave and Google Buzz failed after being unpopular with users.

Google+ has four features to boast about to gain some momentum ahead of their battle with Facebook:

Circles – Allowing individuals to place friends into groups, for users to share different content with a targeted cluster of friends.

Hangouts – Live multi-user conferencing that allows friends to join in live group conversations.

Huddle – Group instant messaging.

Sparks – Connecting individuals on the network to others with similar interests.

The trial version of Google+ has only been released to a small number of users, with the number of invites already exceeding their capacity.

Google should have a tough time converting loyal Facebook devotees onto their social network.

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