Google To Monetise Google Voice

Google Voice

I have just been reading how Google plans to monetise its Google voice service and wondered if this would be the end of listening to wonderful hold music that am sure we have all grown to love!

Google has just filed a patent called “Ringback  Advertising” that has the capability to insert audio advertisements into your phone calls, with adverts being played to callers while they are waiting for their call to be answered, when call waiting has been activated or when they have been placed on hold.

From an advertisers point of view the ability to identify the callers location and target specific regional adverts is an attractive one.  Google Voice is still only open to beta testers with invitations, so I imagine it will be some time before ring back advertising is available, but nevertheless another interesting concept for marketers to consider.

From a caller’s perspective, maybe we will soon regret moaning about being placed on hold with the Light House family!

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  1. I read an Interesting blog today about how Apple (or more likely AT&T) have banned the Google Voice application on the iPhone which is most probably due to the functionality which Google Voice has for free which AT&T would charge for, e.g. free calling in US and Free text messages.

    Although you can understand the point of view from AT&T, do you really think that banning the appication completely will achieve longterm success? or do you think that users will see that they can get similar (if not the same) service elseware for free and change handset? Time will tell!…

    Mashable Blog Article – Google Voice Thoroughly Banned From The iPhone; So Much for An Open Platform

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