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Has Google given us a new tool that predicts its own demise? Google’s new trend checker shows more people getting interested in Blogs and less people interested in Search Engines. Google has a new tool which allows you to track the importance of a generic search term over time. Called Google Trends, it is incredibly simple to use. It maps the number of people typing in the phrase over time and overlays this with what it thinks were important news stories on the subject.

Cleverly, you can track more than one phrase. So we did a little research and mapped the phrase "Search Engines" with the phrase "Blogs". The results look fairly suggestive to me. It suggests that people are slowly changing their habits on the Internet, moving away from search engines as a way of finding information and onto Blogs.

Certainly, search engines aren’t about to disappear! but as Blogs emerge, together with other forms of social networking, the enlightened company will be looking for long term strategies to market ethically within this field now. If you would like help in developing your own Internet Marketing strategy in the new paradigm, please contact us.