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Google announced yesterday on their Webmaster Central Blog they have updated the link reports available in Webmaster Tools.

The Links to your site overview now shows you Who links the most, Your most linked content and a sampling of the anchor text used by external sites linking to your site.

Who links the most
Listed in order of the domains Google has crawled that link to your site the most, you can click on the “More >>” option beneath the top five to show you a full list of domains that link to your site. This option is available for all three lists.

Your most linked content
This section is also self-explanatory. This list provides you with the most common linked to pages on your website and the number of times for each page. This list now includes links redirected using 301 or 302 redirects.

How your data is linked
Google doesn’t appear to have put this list in a specific order, but looking around my accounts, it’s generally in the order of the most common anchor text phrases pointing to your website. This is a list of up to 200 anchor text phrases used to link to your website.