You can’t have missed the buzz about Google+ URLs finally becoming customizable. Here’s some overly excited Tweets about the update – you might spot an anxious Tweet from me:

google+ URL tweets

Don’t worry folks, I got my URL about 3 seconds after my Tweet – turns out my phone had no signal. Doh!

This is an exciting time for Google+ users as there is a mad scrabble to grab a URL before someone else does.

I managed to bag +SarahBradley – an impressive feat considering there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of other people who share that name in the UK alone. Here I am:

Sarah bradley vanity url

And Receptional got +Receptional which is great as it means any competitors out there with a mean streak can’t nick it! Here we are:

receptional google+ profile

For the Google+ novice, here is our step by step guide to grabbing your own customized URL. Brands and personal accounts alike had better move quickly, who knows how many John Smiths, Beano Comics or Katie Prices are springing up all over the place.

Step 1:

Log into Google+ and go to your profile

Step 2:

A notification bar should appear at the top, providing your profile is at least 30 days old and you are following and being followed by a few people.

Step 3:

Google+ will automatically assign you a URL dependent on your profile name; you can customize it if you so  choose.

For example:

Step 4:

DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO STEAL URLS – this is just bad industry practice, Google+ will be anticipating this kind of behaviour and will probably shut down your account and no one will be your friend any more – and then you won’t have anyone to sit with at lunch time. Picture it. Sad isn’t it?

Step 5:

Google will send you a SMS verification code so you have to hand over your digits. You may have done this already as a Google profile back up exercise.

Step 6:

Input the pin code, agree to the terms and conditions  taking care to read them – there are some controversial additions. I’ve highlighted them below:


Step 7:

Gloat on Twitter

gloat on Twitter

The same kind of thing applies to any brand pages you manage; however you don’t have to input your phone number again, and there appears to be less customization available so take it or leave it folks.

The Receptional SEO team are on the case investigating the SEO implications of vanity URLs so expect a lot of updates from us in the near future.

In the meantime, if you’re still finding your feet with Google+ and want to know how you can integrate it into your overall online strategy, get in contact with us using the form to your right and one of our expert consultants will be happy to talk to you about how you can turn your Google+ presence into a profitable venture!