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If you’re looking to boost your paid ads’ search performance, look no further. Ad extensions are powerful features that allow you to display additional information within your AdWords ads at no extra cost. Yet only a minority of advertisers are using them.AdWords Extensions PDF

AdWords ad extensions will help you boost CTR (click-through rates) by up to 30% according to Google, increasing conversions and decreasing CPC (Cost Per Click).

There are number of things you can do with ad extensions, like:

  1. Link to important service of product pages within your site.
  2. Display a click-to call phone number for mobile searchers.
  3. Incorporate +1s from your Google+ page.
  4. And you can even include some sparkly, gold-star seller ratings in your ads!

These are merely a taster of the possibilities of ad extensions. Our free, 20 page downloadable guide will help you to understand the individual benefits of each ad extension and which one will be best for your business.

Do you want to make your paid advertising generate more leads to your site and boost conversions? Download our free Complete Guide to AdWords ad Extensions below to find out how.

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