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Search engine optimisation companies often talk about the importance of good, unique content for search engines.  This is also especially true for social media campaigns too.

Social media campaign

Above is a graph showing the traffic to one of our blogs over a one month period. On 8th June, we published some fairly in-depth research comparing two products that are especially niche to a specific industry.  Although both products had been publicly available for many months, they are both still new ideas and many in the industry will not have heard of both products – let alone given both a test drive.

Well – you can see what happened to the graph. The number of visits immediately soared.

This was done primarily through a social media campaign backing up the publishing of the report. We are already (we hope) well regarded within our industry, so when we published the article we told a few friends on Twitter and Facebook and also listed the post on a search specific social media portal.

Friends told friends and within 24 hours we had achieved significant coverage within our industry for the article.  The numbers in real terms are not astounding if you are in a consumer based industry – but in a B2B environment I feel we made an impact.

The cost of the campaign was one of time, not money… (although our time is chargeable).  We cannot create the same impact for every client, though, unless you also work to build up credibility within your own vertical. This kind of campaign relies on trust and a level of authority which is earned, not bought.