How Partnership Marketing Works

In brief:

  • Pay on sales not clicks
  • Track partner leads
  • Call centre tracking
  • Balance risk and rewards
  • Call 01525 715520 or enquire online

What is Partnership Marketing?

Partnership marketing is an old concept on a new stage. From the garage owner using the Texaco brand to the Independent financial advisor selling the Prudential portfolio alongside HSBC’s. On the Internet, this takes a new twist. Your partners can introduce your product or service to their audience and when they link to your site or contact you directly, the lead is tracked through to sale – live – so your partner can see exactly what traffic they are sending you and how well that traffic converts. This positive feedback helps your partners to send more visitors – for more rewards

The Benefits of Partnership Marketing Benefits For Your Business


What our clients say:

Receptional have been able to provide a complete end-to-end search marketing solution that entirely suits our working practices. I can immediately see the quantity and quality of leads, phone calls and enquiries generated by Receptional and they are of an exceptional quality. By employing Receptional’s call centre filtering, we also immediately ensure that only valid sales enquiries get to the sales office.

Receptional certainly understand search engine marketing and we have been able to appear prominently on the search engines consistently over the last year.

Paul Allen – Admiral Group

More client testimonials >

Partnership Marketing adds straight to your bottom line. It allows people to easily refer traffic to your website or even to your call-centre safe in the knowledge that their lead to you will be tracked all the way through to its natural conclusion, where they know they will be rewarded. Because you have chosen a world-leading independent tracking solution they have trust in the tracking and have the ability to see what has happened to each referral online in a secured web specifically for them.

  • A partnership can produce risk-free quality web traffic
  • Allows you to reward partners by click, by lead, by sales in any combination that you might choose
  • Lets you communicate directly with your web and offline partners and provide them with timely offers, product feeds and creatives
  • Tracks your partner payments and gives your partners live real time feedback on their performance

How Does Receptional Set Up a Partnership Marketing Program?

Receptional can help you define a Merchant – partner relationship that suits your business and those of your partners. We analyze what other offerings are available to your potential partners on the Internet and can use this to help you define points of difference in your programme.

Receptional can use a number of technologies to build your Partnership system, including Kowabunga’s Kolimbo network, Salesforce, Mals-e, and we also integrate bespoke systems into call center technology, allowing phone referrals to be tracked from partner referral through to sale. We also know and use Tradedoubler, Affiliate Window, and commission Junction.

Once set up, anyone with an Internet connection can register online to benefit from sending you visitors and prospects. The system is generally automated but you can have complete control over the legal relationship between yourself and your associate and can vary the nature of the reward scheme as you see fit.

Once a partner has registered their intent to benefit from sending you prospects, they are immediately given access to a support area helping them to develop this potential for them into real hard cash – both for them and for you. They can send you visitors in so many ways: 

  • Through text links from their website into any page on your website
  • Through Banner adverts on their site through to your site
  • Through any online advertising including Google Adwords, Overture and Yahoo marketing
  • Through links in their email newsletters (subject to spam restrictions)
  • Through giving out dedicated telephone numbers face-to-face
  • Through links on Word documents
  • Through specific domain names designed to link directly to your site

However the prospect comes to your website or call-centre, it will be tracked as a lead from the relevant partner. If that lead is online, then the tracking is entirely automated. If to the call-centre then the call-centre staff can easily give the partner credit either though a web-based interface or through your own CRM systems. Either way, the referral is tagged. You partner will know online that they have sent a prospect to you. When that person converts, they will know this too. Again, if online this will be automatic.

Measuring Return On Investment

You can reward you partners in any manner of ways – by visitor, by form completed online, by sale, by referring other partners or you can just use the system as a superior ROI reporting tool.

Partnership Programs can track any campaign through to sale. You don’t just need to use it for managing partners. The technology can be used to see which online campaigns convert best, which Search Engines give the best quality traffic, and in so many other ways. See more of the many features of MyAffiliateProgram™ 

Why use Receptional to manage your Partnership Marketing?

Apart from providing support on using the technology, using a trusted independent plan manager like Receptional instills confidence in your partners that the scheme is well managed. Receptional’s experience goes far beyond the simple technologies. As moderators and senior figures on communities like Webmasterworld, We are often affiliates ourselves and know many of the world’s leading affiliates on a personal level. Our ability to build UK phone and call center – and even being able to set up and manage call centers on your behalf, takes our partnership marketing onto a new level.

What To Do Next

Tell us who you are, and how your business works. We will work with you to provide a partnership marketing solution that suits you and your business. Call us now on 01525 715520 or contact us over the internet for personalised advice and further information.

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