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Google have recently made it quicker and easier to run Account, Campaign and Ad Group reports in Adwords, despite no clear advice on how to run these.

Once you’re in the Reports tab on Adwords, you will notice Google has recently greyed out the option to run Ad Group Performance reports and such (screenshot below).

Hovering over the ? only states “This report has been moved to the Campaigns tab” before you click ‘Learn More‘. Even at the help page, there’s no advice how to successfully run these reports. However, this is still an improvement on last week when Adwords would tell you to go to the ‘Control panel and library’, from which you cannot run your reports.

With a little playing around, in the end it’s really easy to run these reports. In fact, simple. So simple, that this has turned out to be a great time-saving feature added by Adwords.

To run a Campaign Performance report now, simply go to your Campaign tab within your selected account, select the date range you want to run the report for, and click on the ‘download report’ icon which looks like this:

This gives you your usual options to name the report, choose your format and gives you the opportunity to choose a specific segment, such as day of the week, hour of the day as before.  Account and Ad Group reports can be created in a similar way, by selecting the appropriate tabs.

Once you click create, your report is created in seconds. No more needing to click through to the Reports tab –> Create a New Report etc anymore. Think of all the seconds you will save during the day when you run these popular, simple, effective reports!