Human Rights & Internet Piracy

The dust is settling over the latest installment of the battle between the state/record labels and musicians against the world of illegal downloads. The result is familiar but not entirely expected.

The French bill, spearheaded by President Sarkozy (whose wife is the singer Carla Bruni coincidently), hoped that a "three strikes and you’re out" policy of cutting people off from the internet would be enough to scare people away from illegal downloads or file sharing from torrent sites.  

The end result of this campaign (on the one side an attempt to ensure musicians are paid for their work and on the other an attempt to control peoples’ access and freedom online) was that cutting people off from the internet (which would be very difficult in reality) deprived them of a "fundamental human right".

For the time being it looks as though Captain Jack Sparrow will continue to sail in France but don’t expect this to be the last time that online piracy comes under attack.

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