Improving The Quality Of Yahoo Pay Per Click Campaigns

Over the past couple of days I have been analysing the impact that blocking certain Yahoo partners from the Yahoo Network has had on my client campaigns and it certainly looks as though the quality has improved significantly and many campaigns are acquiring traffic at a much more profitable rate.

Towards the back end of last year, Yahoo finally allowed advertisers to see where on the Search Network their ads were being displayed, which was an extremely interesting (if not scary) exercise!  In some cases I was seeing search network traffic responsible for approximately 60% of a clients monthly budget, which was resulting in extremely high bounce rates and poor quality traffic.

Unfortunately you cannot opt out of the Yahoo Search Network so if you have a Yahoo PPC account, you will be receiving traffic from Yahoo search partners, so I strongly suggest you make use of the Ad Delivery Report.

 The report allows you to analyse the quality of Search Network traffic and exclude any partners that are not good fits for your business, which will improve the quality of traffic and ultimately improve the profitability of your campaigns.

To view this data you’ll need to run an Ad Delivery Report from the ‘Reports’ tab and under ‘Traffic Quality Reports’ you will be able to download in to excel so you can manipulate the data and identify what partners are generating untargeted traffic and unwanted impressions.

Yahoo Ad Delivery Report

Once you have analysed the data from the report and cross referenced this with your web analytics system, you may decide to block certain domains that have been performing poorly.

To do this, simply click on the ‘Administration’ tab and click on edit under blocked domains and you will have the opportunity to paste in the domains you want to block on the Yahoo Search Network.  Unfortunately you can only block 500 sites per account and in some cases it can take as long as 30 days to block!

Blocked Yahoo Domains

In competitive markets with high CPC levels it’s extremely important to make this exercise a habit rather than a one off as it can make a big difference in ROI and CTR performance.

Although this can be a time consuming exercise it’s one that I feel is necessary to make sure our clients budgets are spent wisely, which is what I feel we do best!

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  1. As you say 500 can run out very quickly!

    If you see repeated offenders with the same domain, but different sub-domain EG,, then it maybe worthwhile banning instead of using up 3 of your 500 – this will block all sub-domains.

    Naturally, you’ll need to evaluate the effectiveness of any other sub-domains, but I always try and go down this route, if possible.

    Interesting to hear you say that you’ve seen the quality of some partners improve; think I’ll go and re-evaluate some of those I’ve previously blocked – thanks!

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