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The Challenge: Although the UK division of the company had a web site that was ranking well on search engines, the web site for the US parent company, Hankison International, was not prominent for the company’s core compressed air drying products, even though it was larger and more developed.

The Solution: Receptional made recommendations for changes to the main site and wrote additional internet marketing pages for the main product lines. A small proportion of the budget was allocated to pay for performance listings with US pay per click search engines and a linking strategy was implemented.

Results: As analysing and reporting on traffic was not feasible within the contract, 20 search engines were selected to record the search positions for the six key Hankison products, plus the brand name, over time. Within three months from start up, we achieved approximately 75% coverage on the key phrases in the top 20 and 60% coverage in the top 10. After twelve months, three of the original 20 search engines no longer existed, so two replacements were chosen. The prominence on the major search engines has been maintained but we have controlled the loss of position on the pay per click search engines due to limiting the budget and the desire to avoid paying engines that appear to be suffering from excessive pay per click fraud.