Inline Google API testing

Do Internet Marketing Companies seem to think they KNOW something that you don’t? If so – sorry about that. You happen to have stumbledupon a little test we are running. Feel free to enjoy or look away now :)

Below is a map of camps and lodges in the Okavango Delta using Google Maps with an API. The test is to make sure that maps using an API key can load on third party sites. 

Lodges in the Okavango Delta (c) Expert Africa & Google.

If you can see the map above, then obviously this works. But a better way to do this is in a Div, and maybe be able to change the size of the box:

Botswana © Expert Africa & Google

So what can we do with this information? Well – we can use this to help provode websites with something much more useful than an email saying “please link to us”. We can create useful additional content using Google’s map API and then offer that content free to third party websites. One hope that if users then engage with that content, our clients will benefit further down the line.

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