Internet marketing case study for the leisure industry

The Problem: Create and market an entirely new web based business using only online methods and ensure the business is financially and operationally self-sufficient on a day to day business.


To form a limited company and web domain based around the prime search phrase associated with the business, build an entirely search engine friendly web site with a complete commerce enabled back-end through all the way to bank clearing and train an outsourced call centre to handle day-to-day support calls. Then market this using:

  • Pure Search engine optimisation
  • Pay per click advertising (including Google, MSN and Yahoo) on a reducing level of reliance
  • Web directory listings (Paid inclusion)
  • Link building
  • Call-centre support
  • An opt-in newsletter management system
  • Affiliate marketing system


  • A financially self-sustaining model with no day-to-day involvement from Directors
  • A number of affiliates being represented in the search results also market the company’s games
  • A low cost call centre support system prevents day-to-day interruptions for the directors.
  • Market dominance on the search engines under the primary search phrase of "Murder Mystery Games" as listed below:
Ranking Report  

Date: Wednesday, March 31st, 2004 17:05:11 PM
Keywords: murder mystery games

Search Engine Country Rank Page Position URL
All the Web US 9 1 9
Alta Vista US 2 1 2
Alta Vista UK UK 2 1 2
AOL UK UK 2 1 2
AOL Search US 2 1 2
Google US 1 1 1
Google UK UK 1 1 1
HotBot UK UK 4 1 4
MSN US 16 2 16
MSN UK UK 2 1 2
Overture UK UK 1 1 1
Teoma US 3 1 3
Yahoo UK UK 7 1 7
Yahoo UK 2 1 2


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