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Jessica Bowman is an in-house SEO at Yahoo! Inc., and does consulting /training for select clients. She revels in the human side of SEO, the art of getting SEO buy-in throughout the organization and getting the changes live on the site.

Jessica has managed SEO for up to five languages in seven divisions across Europe and North America. Her diverse experience working in IT has given her a unique insight into how to get and keep SEO changes top of mind, in scope and live on the site – the biggest challenges for in-house search marketers.

With multi-million dollar successes in search engine marketing and website design, Jessica is an international speaker, industry columnist and an evangelist for those doing SEO in-house.

Jessica has a BA in International Economics & Management from Hiram College and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Information Systems Management from Washington University. Jessica travels frequently, loves to play Connect Four, volunteers to work with refugees and plans to move to Europe….one day.