Klout improves usability at the expense of marketers


Over the past few days, Klout has rolled out significant updates to its service, most notably a significant increase in the majority of users’ Klout scores.

However, the introduction of this score adjustment, alongside several new features has come at the demise of three previous measures that a few marketers will be dissapointed to see go – True Reach, Amplification and Network Impact.

From the perspective of a marketer looking to find the most influenctial people within a specific space, taking a user’s Klout score at face value was never enough. It’s important to understand why the user has the score they do in order to ensure your own marketing objectives would be met through enaging with that person.

Those looking to change public perception may look at targeting users with a high True Reach or Network Impact, likewise those looking to spread content virally may look to target users with a higher Amplification probablility. Exactly who you are targeting needs to be precisely tailored to suit your campaign.

True Reach, Amplification and Network Impact were three brief scores that made up a small but important part of the algorithm we use here at Receptional to build up a list of who are the most important people to target when undergoing a grass roots digital lobbying campaign, and it seems that Klout may be focussing too much of their time pleasing the users’ nacissitic tendancies rather than building a service that posesses true value to the digital economy.

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