Link Building Basics part II

Fresh on the heels of the link building basics blog I posted last month, comes part 2, with more simple tips to help improve your knowledge and understanding of link building.

This article will focus on the following topics:
Anchor Text
Page Rank

Anchor Text – The hypertext used for a link to your site is known as “anchor text”, and this is very important when it comes down search engine rankings. The anchor text used in a link is what helps you rank for that term, and so getting links with relevant and targeted text will significantly improve your website rankings as opposed to hypertext that is just your URL. However, it is not advised to target just one phrase as Google see this as a spammers tactic and can penalise you for not varying this, or as Google say this isn’t natural link building.

Page Rank – Getting a link from a newly setup blog is very different from getting a link from a high page rank or authority site. If the page you’re receiving isn’t indexed, you’re already getting no benefit. I wouldn’t overly worry about Google page rank, but getting links from sites with high page rank is definitely of good benefit (assuming the content is related), and generally any link that is passing link juice is of benefit.

Location – If you’re aiming to target the UK search market, you’re going to have much more success by obtaining links from UK hosted domains. This isn’t to say that you should say no to foreign-based domains, but obtaining links in other countries will benefit you search rankings in those countries and give less weight to UK search results than UK-based domains. Also, cross-linking between sites from the same IP address will have reduced link juice and cross-linking between numerous sites from the same IP address can have a negative effect.

By following this and my previous advice will set you off on a good start to link building. For more advanced services, please contact us or phone 01525 715520, and one of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to providing you with link building services for your online marketing campaign. Make sure to check this blog weekly for more free link building advice.

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