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While link building is an important part of any website, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions when it comes to what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully my previous posts have improved your knowledge, while this blog aims to dispel any false claims to successful link building that you may have come across in your time.

The Myths

Devaluing Reciprocal Links

Claims have been made that giving a link back to a site that has linked to you devalues the link you receive and that exchanging links is not recommend if you want to rank high. Then that is followed up with black hat techniques of nofollowing etc to prevent search engines picking up your link back and therefore tricking them into believing these links are one way. This is not the case. Reciprocal links still provide valuable equity and should not be avoided. They have worked in the past and they still work today. That is based on personal experience.


Three Way Linking

Receiving an email claiming three way linking is the new one way link building method and that reciprocal linking holds no value is nonsense. Search engines have picked up on these tricks and their method of handling them is to issue a penalty for these underhand tactics. This includes lowering your ranking to dropping your listing. Is it really worth the risk? Three way linking is a big risk with no benefits.

Quantity over Quality Links

A personal annoyance of mine is those who build, or listen to those who tell them to build link after link thinking that quantity is better than quality “because more is better”. Not in this case. 1,000 useless directory listings aren’t going to give you anywhere near the value you get from that solo link from that trusted news site. Of course, getting links from highly rated websites can be a mission, but it’s worth aiming high. It’s not just about the highest quality links possible, picking up related links from low page rank sites will still add value if picked up correctly. But any link here and there, blog comments, forum posts, whatever won’t take your site above your competitors. This includes those services that “guarantee you 10,000 links for $5.00”.

Automated Tools

Submission services and blog comment spam services etc won’t get you far. Spamming unrelated and non-valuable sites and directories with nonsensical submissions is not going to increase your link equity. These tools fool those who believe in the quantity over quality concept as described above in my attempt to educate people…

Google PageRank

Google’s PageRank is also a misguidance on links you should be looking to build. While it offers some judgement of good quality sites, the higher the score does not guarantee a higher ranking. Don’t listen to those who say “only build links on page rank 4+ websites” etc. as lower rated pages can still offer great value.

Outbound Links

Many webmasters are scared of giving away link juice through outbound linking. While you are giving benefit to those you link too, you’re not harming yourself as search engines use outbound links in a similar way to inbound links by helping define what your website is about which helps with ranking it in the correct related searches.

Unique/Quality Content

Time and time again people tell you to write unique and quality content “because people will link to it”. While I would always recommend writing these types of articles and not filling the internet with more dribble, there’s no guarantees it will gain you links. In fact there are plenty of poor quality sites and articles out there picking up links while good ones aren’t. Don’t go that extra mile or spend that extra hour of your time writing content in hope it will get you links when your time can be better spent elsewhere.


You search the internet looking for “link building secrets”, you ask the questions at conferences, but you never get your answers. Here is your answer: there are no link building secrets. What you read here and (maybe) elsewhere are the “link building secrets“. There’s nothing we’re hiding from you.

Another myth is about link building being a simple, 5 minute task. It’s not as simple as sending out an email to a page rank 10 site and they will link back to you from their homepage. Experts have spent a lot of time and research amongst experience to build up their knowledge in this field. On that note, if you’re still in need of a link building service to help you with your campaign, you can contact Receptional on 01525 715520 or use our contact form to make an enquiry.