Link building presentation @A4U

Thank you to everyone that gave me such a very warm welcome during my presentation on link reclamation at Press Releases at the A4Uexpo. I usually do enough to get invited again, but this time I was delighted to get told by more than one person that I had made their conference fee worthwhile. Even a Googler came up to me and gave me some praise, which is generally praise indeed. 

The presentation covered three angles on getting authoritative mentions online. I have – as promised – put up the presentation here.

There must have been nearly 300 people in the room, because there wasn’t much space left. About 30 or so came up to me afterwards and so – in no particular order – I would like to thank:;;;;;;;;; ; ;; ; ; ;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; ; ;;;  

Upcoming Search Marketing training and speaking

My next event is actually a full day’s training through search engine strategies on the 28th of this month. This is likely to be a very small affair in London, with just myself and Andy Atkins-kruger from Webcertain. So if you would like some more "one-on-one" time, have a look at that.

I will also be helping out at the International Search Summit at the British Library and we can actually do you a very good discount on that one day event.

For those that prefer the exotic, I will also be at presenting and moderating at Pubcon in Las Vegas in November.

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