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I was surprised to see this week on Google’s keyword tool that “link building India” is the sixth most popular search term when entering “link building”, above key terms such as “one way link building” and “link building company”. This implies that a general, outsourced strategy is more desirable than some specific link building techniques but why is that the case?

Why the rise in popularity?

Having done some research, it seems that link building in India has risen in popularity because of their prices (notice I said price and not value). If you conduct a search on Google for ‘link building india’ you will see offers for “1 link for $1.40“, “submissions to 250 directories” etc. And whilst this looks great to the uninformed website owner who is misguided about how to build good links and thinks that “quantity is better than quality” they are being sold an ineffective service. It’s understandable that people would think that commodity-based services offer them a great deal. That is not the case and I’m attempting to dispel the myth and show people that “quality is better than quantity“.

Quality over Quantity

If you haven’t heard this before or you’re still unsure, let me assure you that quality links have a much more positive effect on your rankings than the quantity of links you inherit. Infact, too many bad links can have a negative effect on your ranking, to the point of getting dropped from Google’s listings. A few quality links can propel your site to the top of the rankings. A mass of useless links is not going to move your website up the results. Based on our experience, 10 quality links are much more beneficial than 1,000 spam links.

How do they get you links?

Having a look at some of these questionable link builders, common practices amongst these link building services are posting irrelevant comments on blogs (including nofollowed blogs), commenting on guestbook’s in the same format, and far more dangerous to your website; sending around spam emails. All of these can damage your reputation, but you don’t even get a copy of the emails or where they’re sent to. When you put your website in someone else’s hands, someone you haven’t researched, you’re exposing your website to harm. Essentially you are getting what you pay for.

Our Experience

I couldn’t talk about these link services without experience. Several years ago we invested in an Indian-based link building service to boost one of our internal sites that we didn’t have time to work on. We already had listings in DMOZ and Yahoo for this travel site as well as a host of other related sites and the odd directory listing. At the time, we did not expect these so-called link building experts to be submitting our site to Russian websites and muscle-building forums. It was a very bad experience and it hurt our rankings and reduced traffic to our site.

Google Insights for Search
Google Insights for search chart to show the increase in popularity for “link building india” over time

Commodity-Based Services

These services run on the basis that they undercut their competition to get work. But in doing so they’re offering a much lower quality service. If I was to offer you one way links for $1.40 a time, do you think I’d be knocking up a 20-page report to let you know where you can find the best links for your website? Of course not. I’d be submitting you to directories left right and centre with some directory submission tool without any consideration and then use my other tool to submit spammy comments along the lines of “this information is very useful” with a link to your site. That’s the start of a poor link building campaign, which leads to plenty of links pointing to your website and plenty of irritated people.

You are highly unlikely to ever be able to meet with these companies or converse with them in enough depth to ensure that your business is understood, your agenda is met and desirable outcomes are delivered. The same could not be said of Receptional in the UK.

Do Your Research

There are good link building services available in India, if you’re keen to outsource abroad. Do your research on any company before you enquire or engage their services then you have an idea of what you’re getting. Some companies have left their previous work on testimonial pages where you can get their domain to check yourself what work has been done for each of these.

Receptional Link Building Services

Whilst we don’t offer a price per link here at Receptional, we can offer you a link audit report in which myself and a few other specialised colleagues will research the best links for you to acquire in order to boost your ranking in the search engine results. We have successfully done these reports for a variety of clients, large and small delivering quality, not quantity.

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