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There’s a new kind of search engine in Beta. I’ll leave a generic review to others but was asked By Garrett French about what Blekko had to offer in terms of links.

Hmm… OK Garrett. Ben owes me a favour now! :)

It’s probably something that every link builder will want to know though, soon enough. On every search result, there are several options to drill down. Let’s look at a search for “Receptional”:

You can see the drill options on the result itself. These are described as “tags” and many more will be available, as you can even start creating your own. The tags rephrase the search query adding extra data. Now you would think that the “links” button is the most interesting, but that just returns a list of sites that link to (in this case) OK – nice to have. Yahoo were doing it for years and it sounds like they are crashing out – but you can use SEOMoz or MajesticSEO and get considerably more results at the moment. No – for this post I want to show you the “SEO” button and the link data in there.

Now THIS is new and really rather pretty. You can see that Blekko has somne scaling issues to sort out yet, as they are saying we only have 341 inbound links (MajesticSEO reports 400,000 from 4,000 domains) and also a tenth of the numbers reported by OSE. But look at the pretty pictures? I have been grappling with ways to display data, recently. Turns out a decent pie chart still is useful.

So what do they know about anchor text? well they show distribution.


I think this is quite neat – especially because it is so quick to collect and display, but probablly doesn’t scale to large numbers of keywords visually – which is why they list the anchor text under the pretty graphics.

In summary, Blekko is an attempt at a new search engine which:

  • Is extremely innovative and transparent
  • Is currently only available in private beta
  • Has a way to go on the crawl and scaling front, but is way ahead on the bells and whistles front.

This last issue is a challenge that many others have faced before. Gigablast looked hopeful for me years ago, but they just couldn’t make it scale. Will Blekko? They got quite a lot of funding, so they may.


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  1. It’s clear that MajesticSEO has superior crawling infrastructure and as a result better link data and Blekko an interesting model, UIs and funding. Any opportunity for a partnership or joint venture
    Between the two? Or is this going to be a knock-down-drag-out fight between the two? What would be best for SEOs and the industry?

  2. Blekko is definitely a cool new search engine. The slash tag feature is unique and gives it an edge that people will be interested in. However, I do not think it will ever reach the popularity of Google due to it’s complicated nature. I think Google’s greatest strengths is it’s simplicity; it’s so easy anyone can use it to it’s full potential. Blekko is not like that.

    Coming from someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands, having to learn how to use a search engine does not appeal to me when I have Google available. Of course I took the time to learn about Blekko, but I’m in the industry. I don’t think the average person will want to do that.

    I’ve done some research and I think the best new search engine is Bweezy. Similar name, but very different from Blekko. Bweezy offers Google results, which I love. It also lets you open search results in the same window as the search, which eliminates the need to open a ton of tabs! I’d check it out if you’re into new search engines.

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