By now, if you’re a LinkedIn nut like me, you will have had a good old play on the new Endorsement feature the LinkedIn-ians have created.

The new application allows your profile’s list of skills to be endorsed by your Connections, and in turn allows you to endorse their skills – you are simply one click away from being in someone’s good books.

Now, the way it works is this – LinkedIn suggests Connections to endorse – 4 at a time if you choose, a mass endorse-a-thon.

The pros of this approach are obvious – we are all busy people and Recommendations are a time-consuming way of telling the world our Connections actually have the skills they profess they do on their profiles. A one-click endorsement is a great way to save time, say thank you and get back to your coffee.

However, the Recommendation tool was one of LinkedIn’s fortes – a real forum on which to say ‘Thanks! You are great! Here’s why…’ I wonder if the use of an easier endorsement will reduce the rate of Recommendations.

Nevertheless, what the feature has done is created a buzz of engagement between Connections. I have been endorsed by tutors I haven’t spoken to in 5 years, ex bosses who have given me a bit of a confidence boost with their endorsement of my skills and friends of friends of friends who are using it as a way to get to know me.

After all, LinkedIn is a site for professional engagement, conversation and comment; not just a static, online CV. Hopefully the feature will grow and assist, not stand in the way of the great Recommendation feature I love about LinkedIn.