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Link building is essential to SEO success but to most people it’s a difficult job to do – and likely to get harder in the future.

But create linkable assets of the right kind and your link building worries could be over. Linkable assets are the pinnacle of content marketing in SEO – they’re any type of content you create with the express objective of attracting the type of quality links that are so important. 

And because of the quality of these pieces, they continue to bring links long after they’re published. So says Ken McGaffin and Garrett French in their video published by Dixon Jones over at Majestic SEO. The video is one of 20 that make up the ‘Get Links’ course published by Majestic.

The video is 19 minutes long but rich in detail with tons of good advice including:

  • 3 examples of great linkable assets
  • 3 questions to ask about any content you create to attract links
  • a subtle but irresistible pitch from
  • customer-focused link building and how it saves you time,
  • evergreen info gaps that you can fill and win easy links
  • passion pieces that will inspire others to link to you
  • why you need to create a portfolio of linkable assets.

You can find out more about the course by watching this video:

But if you want to book your place, you’d better hurry as the course starts next Thursday. Book here: