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Microsoft’s Windows Live search portal has been brought out of testing and officially launched. offers users a customisable homepage, allowing them to search with Microsoft’s Live search engine, make a local search or add in information modules such as RSS feeds, news, weather and other features.

Not all of has fully come out of beta. While the search facilities are ready for public consumption, Microsoft’s software-as-a-service Office Live system remains in testing mode.

"The launch of Live Search is a significant milestone for our services business, with our core search and monetisation platform ready for prime time for MSN and Windows Live as well as for partners through syndication deals," said Christopher Payne of Microsoft.

"We now have the base to weave search through our services in ways that bring value to customers. This is just the beginning. We look forward to continued investment in search to deliver services that bring new levels of control and personalisation to the web experience."

It is thought that the Live brand may eventually replace Microsoft’s MSN services.