Microsoft Release Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has released its latest internet browser, Internet Explorer 9 in beta version.

Since 2003, Microsoft has seen a 97% market share drop to 60% in an increasingly competitive market.

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) will compete with other popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Google’s Chrome web browser now has 7.5% of the market in less than two years since its release in December 2008.

Mozilla’s Firefox is on the way to releasing its 4th version, and has nearly one quarter of the market. In some countries, it is the most popular web browser.

Microsoft received a blow when the European Commission forced them to offer users a choice of browsers on their Windows operating system, rather than the default Internet Explorer.

The new browser contains many new features, many designed to make the browser perform more like an application. The specialist pieces of software are increasing in popularity. New functions, such as Pinned Sites allows the user to directly access their favourite websites from the Windows Taskbar without having to open the browser. The menu has been simplified.
There is currently no confirmed released date for the full version of Internet Explorer 9.

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