MSN and Yahoo! Search Tied for Second Place in UK

The focus on which search engine will grow to compete with Google. However in the UK, the battle is currently for second place, with Google far and away the favourite.

Yahoo’s share of executed UK searches has grown to be tied with that of MSN. Yahoo! Search and MSN Search each powered just over 7% of UK internet searches for the four weeks ending 20th May 2006 (combining the UK and .com search properties).

Google continues to dominate the UK search market – powering more than three-quarters of UK internet searches. Google UK is also the most visited website in the UK, receiving more than twice the share of visits compared with the #2 ranked site, MSN Hotmail. In the US, by contrast, Yahoo! Search is a stronger competitor. Amongst US internet users, powered 59% of all searches, compared to Yahoo! Search at 22% for the four weeks ending 20th May 2006.


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