Murray Newlands & Bruce Clay To Release Content Marketing Book

Murray Newlands & Bruce Clay To Release Content Marketing Book

Internet marketing experts Murray Newlands and Bruce Clay recently announced plans to release a new, co-written content marketing book. The book, whose title and exact release date is yet to be announced, offers internet marketers an introduction to content marketing, while also providing in-depth analysis and tips for constructing successful content marketing campaigns. From social media to video content, Newlands and Clay’s latest book touches on all aspects of modern content marketing strategies and promises to be a great resource for publishers and brands alike.

Following the successful release of his last book “Performance Marketing for Professionals“, I spoke with author Murray Newlands on Skype to discuss a bit more about his upcoming book and why it’s a must read for anybody in the online marketing space.

Q: Once the book is released, what can readers expect to find inside?

A: Readers can expect to find pretty much anything that has to do with modern content marketing practices. Bruce and I made sure to cover all of the important talking points, and since we both have extensive experience and expertise in the industry, I think that we were able to do that. Content marketing has been such a buzzword in the online marketing space recently that we wanted to try to provide brands and publishers with a resource for doing it right. It’s easier than ever to create and share content, but if you aren’t creating engaging and shareable content for your audience, then you are wasting your time and money; this book will help you avoid doing that.

Q: How did the book come about?

A: Bruce and I wanted to collaborate on a book together because we felt that with our collective experience in the industry, we could add value to the content marketing conversation. As technology and trends continue to evolve, everybody could stand to learn something, regardless of their experience in the industry; we wanted to be the ones to provide that resource. Plus, my last book “Performance Marketing for Professionals” touched on content marketing, but it didn’t go as in-depth as this book does. With social media continuing to grow, content is only becoming more important and people need to know how to create successful campaigns.

Q: Why is the book a must read?

A: I think people need to read it because it’s fresh and it offers timely, relevant examples from Bruce and myself, who have been doing content marketing for a long time. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a great resource for everybody in the industry, whether you are a small business, or a super affiliate. The internet is always advancing and there are always new strategies, techniques, and even platforms to learn, and this book has the most up to the minute information you’ll find on this topic.

Q: What do experienced content marketing professionals stand to gain from reading your book?

A: I think experienced content marketers can expect to learn some new tricks, or maybe even add to their existing arsenal, or at the very least, hear a different perspective on the topic. Hopefully this book will help the veterans gain some new ideas, make them think a bit harder about how they’re creating and sharing their content, or motivate them to create even better content than they were before reading it. There is a lot of “introductory” content in the book because we wanted people to understand the concepts and get acquainted with content marketing as a whole, but there are also a lot of tips that we’ve learned through years of experience. There is definitely something for everybody in this book.

If you would like learn more about the book, make sure to register for updates.

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