My Top Tips for Marketing on Facebook

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My Top Tips for Marketing on Facebook

Making a Facebook page to market your brand is a challenge. Making it work well, before and after a visitor has “Liked your Page”, is even more difficult. Listed below are some suggestions of how you can improve your page and make it more worthwhile and engaging to your audience.                                                                                                                  

You need to design your page so that people can interact with it, this does not mean copying the same layout as your website with static text and images. Using social networking for business purposes means encouraging people to participate in competitions, making them feel like part of a community, continue reading to find out how to do this.


Photo & Product Galleries

Single images are good, but what would be better is having something like a scrolling gallery showing your current product line, or photos from recent corporate events. By showing items like this on your Facebook, viewers will feel like they are part of your business and can see where it is going. This will help to develop brand loyalty and make your business seem more personal.

One good tip if you’re planning on adding a feature like this is to make sure you do not have too many images, viewers get put off if they see hundreds of pages worth of images or a really long scroll bar.

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Polls & Surveys

Surveys and polls are a great way to carry out some quick market research, and are even better if an incentive is offered for them taking part. After implementing the survey or poll, make sure you actually put the data you’ve collected to good use. An example could be asking consumers to select which of your products they buy the most often. Then you could use this data to help forecast sales as well as production levels of individual items.



Video can be appealing and fun for a variety of different people. People tend to find it more interesting and engaging than reading a long blog post or article. It can mean that your fans share your content with other people with the result of raised brand awareness and the possibility of new potential customers. In addition to this it is one of the most popular forms of media that people share on Facebook, think about those viral adverts that get thousands of views on Youtube. However, try not to make your video too long otherwise people will see the time limit and think “I don’t have time to watch that.” I’d recommend a few minutes max ideally.

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Contests & Promotions

As was mentioned above, contests and promotions are a great way of making your consumers feel rewarded for staying with you. Whether it is a £5 off voucher code to spend on your website or a competition to win a prize. However, before selecting your prize for the competition, think about your target demographic and what they would really like to win. After all there’s no point spending money on a competition that no one wants to enter! However, be sure to adhere to Facebook’s strict rules on running promotions.



Make sure that your fans can “Share” your content on their walls and “Like” particular items as these will still appear in their newsfeed so other people might click on them to find out what they are.  In addition making sure that you have an “Invite Friends” button so that your customers can tell their friends about your great brand and products.

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  1. A Facebook page should be a cool place for fans to hang out. Once they click “Like” you want them to continue coming back to the page. Great recommendations for keeping the page fresh and interesting.

  2. I agree that it would be great to have all these but I also realize that I won’t have the time to manage them all. I’m in the gaming industry, developing free android games, if you just had two pick two of the above methods, which one’s would be your suggestions?


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