Over the last year, we’ve been having success using data as a tool to build links.

Data speaks to different people in different ways, and allows for different interpretations (and ultimately, different types of content) to be created and published on the internet. Data can also be presented in a variety of formats, which allows you to scale your link building exponentially.

Aside from the many interpretations data can yield, journalists, writers and industry analysts love data because it’s close to fact. Therefore, writers can back up any statements that they make based upon the findings and analysis of the data source.

It’s your turn to try link building

This week, I’d like all of the Receptional blog readers to join in a survey we’re conducting alongside our friends at Meluba. This way, you can all see link building working first hand.

Our aim is to publish the findings of this survey and turn it into an interesting blog post to attract natural links, as well as to leverage links on third party sites.

Why am I being so transparent?

Well, link building is just like any other SEO discipline: If you’re keeping your hand close to your chest, then you’re probably hiding something.

The survey I’d like you to take will ask you a couple of questions about your industry and your company headcount. It should only take you about 2 minutes, and just by entering, you’ll be put into a draw to win this Brother label printer. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

We won’t be using the data from this exercise for anything but the publication of raw numbers, and the creation of a new blog post.

Your email addresses are only used as a unique identifier to help keep the results free from errors, and will not be added to any marketing lists or used for anything else after the data has been collected. We will only contact you by this email address if you win the prize draw!

So if you’d like to help us out, please take the survey below, and spend just 2 minutes of your time answering these questions by clicking the button below:


I’m looking forward to receiving your feedback – keep your eyes peeled for the follow up post about how we’ve used this data to leverage high quality backlinks.