Negative News Story About You? Turn To Social Media

As most of you reading this will know, we have a news and blog group on Linkedin which has some very interesting discussions and posts. I read one this morning which I commented on and thought I would share this in a quick blog as it may be useful to quite a few people.


The question posted in a discussion was from the owner of a villa rental company who was worried about a news story having a negative impact on his business. The story was to do with scammers posing as villa renting companies on the internet and scamming people out of their money without actually having villas to rent. To stop being tarnished with the same brush and hurting his business online he wanted to publicise the fact that his business was reputable and trustworthy website and company. In light of this he posed the question,

Is social media a place for us to publicise this in this time of consumer mistrust!?!?!’

 Now I would have to say yes! Where better to get out there, use this opportunity to establish yourself as a company who is reputable and can be trusted; A company who is in this business and feels horrible for the people who have been scammed, offers their condolences and maybe even to start your own buzz around the internet by offering some of these people who were scammed a ‘money off’ discount for renting a villa in the future? This is just an example but by acting in a positive light, with little or no real cost to yourself and getting the word out there of what you have done, getting conversations and discussions going and interacting with the people who may have been put off of renting a villa after reading this story; showing them that you are different, to be trusted, and the great, valuable and showing then the impeccable service which you will give them, and their friends, and their friends friends etc.


The best way of using negative press about your market is to take it and separate yourself from the rest, show people why you are different so that you don’t, and won’t, get tarnished with the same brush. This will get a buzz out there and getting your name recognized as a service to trust, which is something that will always work to your favor in the light of negative press in your industry.

 What’s the best way to facilitate some positive PR online? Social Media!

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