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A piece of software which claims to secure web browsing for users has been accused of being built to direct users to advertising.

A report on "Web3.0log" claimed that Browzar’s search bar redirects searches to paid results from Overture, while the browser’s permanently fixed home page also directs users to the same service. The author concluded that Browzar was adware.

"There was time when badware developers tried to install ad pages as homepage or searchpage in user’s IE [Microsoft Internet Explorer] by any possible means," the site said. "Nowadays users install adware voluntarily and write news about it. True web 2.0 style!"

The site also claimed that the software was nothing but a wrapper for Internet Explorer – using the web browser’s rendering engine and surrounding it in its own user interface.

Other blog reviews found that the software’s privacy claims did not meet up to scrutiny, with Computer Zen discovering that it left page files in the IE cache after browsing.

Speaking to BBC, creator Ajaz Ahmed refuted the badware claims.

"This is not adware at all," said the Freeserve founder. "Like every search engine, Browzar has sponsored advertising."