New Google Adwords Feature: Enhanced CPC

Google Adwords have just launched their latest feature on its paid search system, entitled Enhanced CPC. The aim of the tool, in Google’s words is to “help you improve your ROI on your campaigns with manual bidding”. Using your campaign’s historical conversion data, Enhanced CPC automatically adjusts your maximum CPC bid based on the likelihood that your ad will convert. Their aim is to help increase your conversions while reducing or at least maintaining your overall CPA.

A few examples of what Enhanced CPC is able to do include:

* Adjust your bid depending on how well a particular search or display network partner site in the Google network has converted for you in the past

* Recognise when specific words within a keyword (e.g. ‘kits’) convert well and adjust your bid when users search on variations of these terms (e.g. ‘model airplane kits for children’)

* Detect attributes such as the user’s location, language settings, browser, and operating system and analyse how these attributes may impact the likelihood of your ad converting

An official article on this new feature can be found at Inside Adwords.

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