Google today has launched a brand new function known as Google ‘My Business’. While a bit of a shock for some logging in, we absolutely love the new functions and business centre and to save you some time, we have explored it for you.

You access My Business by logging into Google via your business account. The new feature is currently accessible for page owners via Places or Google+, but more log in options may reveal themselves, so stay tuned.

Here is a handy guide to the new Google My Business hub:

Your New Homepage


Oooh, new things!

Oooh, new things!

Before the changes, finding the Dashboard for your business page meant using the menu on the left. Now your homepage has all the main Google business functions in one place by default.

You now have a Google+ Status share box, Google+ Insights (FINALLY!), Google Analytics and Google Hangouts/YouTube all in quick start menus.

Google+ Analytics

Social media managers: you now have some tangible Google+ page analytics that you can actually use to feed back to bosses and clients! Hooray!

Here’s what the interface looks like.

Google+ Insights

Google+ Analytics Interface

Using similar metrics as Facebook insights, we can now see segmented data showing page views and how they are split, engagement with your posts and Audience (or follower) growth. You can track data from the last 7 days, 30 days or 90 days.

While Google+ analytics data still has a long way to go, this is a great step forward and one that Google+ sceptics will certainly be happy about.

Analytics and Hangouts at your Fingertips

Granted, they were never that hard to find in the first place, but the new ‘go to’ function gives you a quick snapshot of how your site is doing overall without you having to delve into the Analytics.


Competitors, you're not seeing our data!

Competitors, you’re not seeing our data!

If you co-manage a Google account for a client, this overview feature means that your clients can log into their accounts and view a snapshot of their performance. This means they can quickly access the data that’s important to them wherever they are and whatever they’re doing.

Additionally, you can launch a hangout from the main menu which is fantastic for those using Hangouts for internal meetings with their team and external catch ups with clients. Hangouts have a myriad of possibilities for businesses that stretch beyond the traditional ‘webinar’ set up, so we love this function.

Annoying things

Just one that we have picked up on so far; there’s a usability issue on the Google+ status update box. You can’t actually type into it. Instead Google+ automatically brings up its status box, rendering all the functions within the main Google+ update box totally useless:

Google My Business Google+ status box


Need some help?

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