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Google Adwords’ latest feature, Search Across Accounts allows you to search all of your accounts within the My Client Centre. Rather than having to go within each specific account to search for a campaign or keyword, you can now quickly search from one point and reach specific campaigns, keywords, ads and other areas of your accounts directly, separated into tabs.

For example, to find all Holiday campaigns, so that you can quickly pause them for example. Just enter the search term “cleaning” into the new search feature, located above your accounts within your MCC, and Adwords will show you the results that match that term and broader matches, for example:

Domestic Cleaning
Cleaning Job Vacancies
Cleaning in London

Narrow your search to “London cleaning” and Adwords will show you results that only include both “London” and “cleaning”;

Cleaning in London
London Cleaning Job Vacancies
Wembley, London Cleaning

To search for an exact phrase, simply put your entire search phrase in quotation marks. In the above example, if you want to find the “Cleaning in London” campaign in that particular word order, you’d need to enter that exact phrase in quotation marks as done so above.

Currently Google are only supporting whole-word matches. This means a search for “cleaner” will return “domestic cleaner” but not “cleaners”.

There are a maximum of 100 results per search, per tab.

Under the Account, Campaign and Ad Group tabs, enabled, paused and deleted entries are returned. For Ads, Keywords and Placements, only enabled or paused results are returned.

Negative keywords are displayed without a status, but have a “-” next to them.