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The New Google phone which launches in the UK Next month will has been specifically designed to work for Social Networking. It has integrated Google’s free and open source Android software which allows the use of the users address book to send twitter and Facebook messages.


HTC Hero   T-Mobile G1 Touch

HTC Hero On Orange (Above)                       T-Mobile G1 Touch (Above)

Its multitude of  talked about functionality which brings together a 5MP camera, 3.2 inch touch screen, assisted GPS, and a gravity sensor as well as the functionality which incorporates Facebook and Flickr updates and photos with text messages, call history and email.

This new functionality could be the competition that the Apple iphone has needed for a long time and if the phone can work in the ways by which it is promised it could easily take a good stab at the market share which iphones and o2 have been dominating. If Google can produce interesting and fun downloads and ad-on software which people will use and love the opportunities to take market domination is there. Short of reducing the price of the iphone there could be finally some strong competition to the Apple dominated market.

If the functionality which is promised works properly and the phones are popular and adopted by a multitude of users who an iphone is too expensive we could see a rise in opportunities for Social Network and Social Media Marketers who will have 24 hour access to more than just the iphone crowd. It has been reported to be being offered on Orange’s £39.15 a month contract for unlimited text messages and media usage as well as 1200 minutes, which is considerably less than the o2 iphone equivalent which currently stands at £44.05 a month without the unlimited text messages.

It will be available as of next month on T-Mobile in the G1 touch and on Orange in Graphite. If like me you think it’s time for a new handset I would go check it out to see what you think because I can assure you I will be doing just that!