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The fierce competition on the World Wide Web is enough to scare off any new business from thinking about producing a website. However, with the right strategy, realistic expectations and an appropriate budget, any business can start to make the climb up the search engine rankings.

In my role as a business development consultant I talk to quite a few new businesses looking to develop a website and it is surprising that internet marketing is often something of an after-thought in people’s psyche: their main concern being what the website will look like. It is all very well having an attractive website, but what should be at the forefront of thoughts is how are people going to find your website and how you are going to achieve an acceptable ROI?

Do your Homework!!

My advice is, before considering going through the process of creating a website, do your homework: research your competitors, set some KPIs and determine what you would like to achieve and when. When you are at this point, approach companies such as ours with an outline of what you want to achieve, and get them to devise a marketing strategy and indicate their fees.

If, like many new businesses, you have a restricted cashflow, consider doing some of the marketing work yourself. Here at Receptional we will always be able to suggest appropriate literature which will help you to understand the fundamentals of search engine marketing. We also offer an ad hoc consultancy service whereby we are happy to undertake one-off pieces of work for clients who can then benefit from our expert advice from our highly qualified consultants.

Why choose Receptional?

Receptional offers the complete package for start-up businesses, from building websites using our search engine friendly content management template, crowdsourcing a design, developing PPC accounts, consulting in SEO through to building links for your website.

If you are interested in how Receptional can help you get started with your new website and how to make it profitable for you, or you are looking for some advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.