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Anyone looking to engage a search marketing partner should notice significant professionalism from companies bearing the Google accreditation mark or the Microsoft accreditation mark. Of course Receptional has both. But did you know that the ORIGINAL accreditation scheme in the UK was run by Yahoo’s previous PPC trading name, Overture. Only 10 companies in the UK ever received recognition under that scheme.

Under the scheme, Overture (now Yahoo) manually investigated companies that were buying some of the first paid search results in the UK and looking at the ethics behind the way in which they resold the traffic. They found a shortage of companies being open and honest with their clients about how the traffic was generated and how it was being monetised. One anecdotal story suggested that the phrase "specialist cheeses" was being resold for thousands of pounds, even though the PPC cost at the time was just a few pence on almost no volume. It was this lack of transparency that led the company to seek out ethical search marketing companies and give them the opportunity to rise above the pack.

Receptional are proud to have been in the original list of ten overture accredited companies and still retain the accreditation badge on the site to this day, even though Overture itself has now been replaced by Yahoo. Yahoo are reported to be looking at a UK accreditation scheme, which Receptional will naturally endeavour to be a part of. In the meantime, Microsoft is in talk with Yahoo about a takeover, and Receptional continues to develop its relationships with all the search engines.