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This post is a little test – which means this post is written and published on this page in two parts.

The Bing experiment

When this News story is first published, it will ping our usual systems to tell the world that there is new content online. The experiment is to see how long it takes the new search engine from Microsoft, “Bing” to index the post and let it show up in the search results.

At the same time, I’ll be checking on the big “G” to see how long they take too.

When (If) we get a result in the next few hours, I’ll come back to this post and give you the results.

Right… Ready… Publishing now… at 2:50 PM GMT on Friday 12th of June…

Will it be “Ping Bing… Ding Ding!” or “Ping Bing… Pong, Gone?”

See you soon….


It’s 40 minutes later and a few comments below already.

As you can see… Bing wins!

Yahoo has just started to spider. Googlebot finished spidering 6 minutes after MSNbot.

[ADD] Last update to this post

Google has now caught up at 5:15 PM. They also have the Sphinn article, which may have been influential in the push into the index. No joy as yet with Yahoo.