Great News!

Woohoo! Not only have Pinterest added Business profiles and upgraded their timelines and boards a bit, they have now added some analytics to the mix for Social Media-ians to keep track of their pin success.

I have had a lot of enquiries about Pinterest from Clients over the past few months; while it is definitely a growing network with a lot going for it, many people are still unsure of how to best utilise it to build up some business.

While this post isn’t a ‘How Do Work Pinterest’ guide; I will say that as with any Social Network, putting the right message in front of the right people is key. The addition of the business accounts from Pinterest adds a new spectrum to the site.

The Business accounts come along with a ‘New Look’ feature too that you can swtich back and forth between for a time: 

New Look Pinterest

Note that personal accounts do not have this feature yet:

My Pinterest

But will this work?

What I mean by this questions is – what the heck is the point?

Businesses like Mashable have been utilising Pinterest in its original format for ages and have done it really well; why should they convert to a business account and add a Pinterest meta tag to their HTML index file?

Cue Analytics Injection:

Aaah, that’s why. Because we love data!

Data presented in such a way is appealing to our customers, us, our mums – everybody. Kudos to Pinterest for their very, very pretty graphs.:

Pinterest Analytics

While I would love to show you the Receptional analytics, Pinterest hasn’t got ’em yet (seeing as I only verified the website today, whoops) so we await them baited breath….

Receptional Pinterest data

The benefits are obvious


  • You can see if what your Brand Pins actually generates any interest in terms of Impressions, Re-Pins, Comments, Likes across a variable timeframe – great for comparisons and campaign monitoring.
  • It’s something we can now show Clients/Customers to convince them that creating an actual strategy for Pinterest reaps rather tasty rewards, figuratively speaking of course. Don’t eat your computers.
  • I suppose it will leave room for targeted advertising eventually? This is speculation, of course.
  • It will encourage more interaction between brands – social engagement is a mark of social influence. There is no point in pinning, if you ain’t going to be re-pinning. (You can quote that, use Social Sarah in the citation).



As it’s still in it’s early stages it would be unfair to make any sort of resounding and cement opinion of the Pinterest Business account format; however, I would urge all Social Media/ Off – Page professionals to have a play around and assess the benefits for their brand and their Client’s brands.