How Receptional increased enquiries by 519%

How Receptional increased enquiries by 519%

Sunrise Senior Living

In their first six months with Receptional, Sunrise Senior Living’s saw PPC enquiries increase five-fold.

Receptional began working with Sunrise Senior Living Ltd in November 2012. Sunrise, which runs 27 luxury care homes across the UK, had not been happy with the performance of its pay per click (PPC) account: return on investment (ROI) had been poor.

Jeremy Garman, Sunrise’s dynamic new marketing director, was keen to identify ways of boosting sales enquiry levels, so that PPC would become an effective marketing channel.

Within just six months Receptional had reduced its cost per acquisition (CPA) to less than one third of Sunrise’s original level. Simultaneously, enquiries increased rapidly – as you can see:


AdWords enquiries increased Receptional’s campaigns generated 519% more leads

1. A free PPC health check

The first step in the process took place when Receptional’s AdWords-qualified consultants conducted a PPC health check on the Sunrise account. Receptional offers free PPC health checks to prospective clients. Our aim is to identify account problems and any missed opportunities. This initial analysis highlighted a number of ways the account could be improved. So, once Receptional had been taken on to run the campaign, we were able to start restructuring the account.

2. Restructuring the account

The main problem with the existing structure was the way location targeting was set up. Sunrise has 27 care communities across the UK. Each is distinct, and we felt that each site needed a tailored campaign.

Reaching local audiences

AdWords site links Adding site links helped increase conversion rates
The old campaign took a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. This was negatively affecting exposure and relevance. The campaign was targeting too few people and with the wrong ads – in other words, wasting budget.

Ensuring that the right customers in the right location were exposed to the right ads was central to the restructure plan. Previously, each Sunrise community used the same ads as a number of other communities. By restructuring the campaign to promote each community individually, Receptional gained greater control over locational settings and budgets. We were also able to tailor:

  1. Sitelinks,
  2. Call extensions and
  3. Location extensions

Altogether, these changes allowed us to seriously reduce wasted spend within the account and make the budget work harder for Sunrise.

Location extension in AdWords We set up an AdWords campaign for each location

If your business has multiple locations, it’s usually best to set up a campaign that targets each location individually.

Better targeting

Next, Receptional turned its focus to Sunrise’s national campaign. Whilst our main focus was on the community locations, Sunrise is a national brand, and we wanted to create a national campaign. The structure of the existing campaign negatively affected impression share. In other words, not enough people were seeing Sunrise ads. This meant that, despite available budget, we weren’t advertising on important keywords such as ‘care homes’ and ‘nursing homes’. By restructuring the campaign, we were able to advertise against these terms more effectively.

Also, there was a lot of overlap between the national and local campaigns, which was leading to users seeing a generic UK ad instead of a more relevant location-based ad. Receptional used AdWords’ ‘location exclusion’ feature to ensure national campaigns only target users when they aren’t eligible to see location-specific campaigns.

More mobile

Mobile PPC ad

A lot of our time and attention went into creating an up-to-the-minute mobile campaign. Clearly, the number of mobile searches has been increasing rapidly in recent years and Sunrise receives a large proportion of its enquiries by phone. So, we set up the mobile campaigns with tailored settings. These include:

  1. Mobile-only ads,
  2. Mobile-specific keywords and
  3. New call extensions, which make it easier for potential customers to get in touch

We also set up third-party call tracking software, so we now know the source of every call. These changes ensured the rapidly growing mobile and tablet market would now have the opportunity to enquire over the phone with ease.

We can set up inbound call tracking very quickly. Please get in touch, using the form below, if you’d like to know more.


Remarketing allows us to re-engage with previous website visitors by exposing them to tailored ads as they browse the internet. It is a great way to drive visitors back to a website and also has the added benefit of being able to promote offers to particular segments of your market.

We set up a layered Remarketing campaign. It involved creating segmented lists of previous visitors based on the care home community they had visited. We were then able to target each community’s visitors with highly targeted ads that could, when , include promotional offers and upcoming events to raise awareness and prompt enquiry.

Website visitors that had browsed individual service pages, such as dementia or nursing care, were also shown follow-up material. In the space of just one month these Remarketing campaigns not only delivered great brand exposure, with over a quarter of a million impressions, but also a healthy conversion rate.

We find that remarketing provides some of the best ROI available. If you’ve not yet tried a remarketing campaign, we can get you started: simply get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page.

And nine more tactics

In addition to these key areas, Receptional used a variety of other tactics, including:

  • Setting up measurable goals in Google Analytics. By linking Google’s AdWords system with our call tracking software and Analytics we know which keywords generate enquiries. So, we’re no longer targeting irrelevant terms.
  • Conducting competitor keyword research to identify gaps in Sunrise’s keyword coverage. By testing new keywords we were able to identify missed opportunities and generate more enquiries.
  • Ensuring all community campaigns were split into tightly themed ad groups relating to Sunrise’s core offerings. By breaking down the campaign in this granular way, we were able to keep a much tighter control on costs.
  • Adopting a tighter targeting keyword strategy through the use of ‘phrase’ and ‘exact’ match. Again, this was crucial in making sure the budget was used efficiently.
  • Setting up new ads that followed best practice and featured a call to actio. Writing great ads is a crucial, but often overlooked skill, particularly online. We crafted individual ads for each Sunrise community.
  • Introducing dynamic keyword insertion. Dynamic insertion can be an effective way of tailoring the message to the user and resulted in increased click-through rates.
  • Creating Sitelinks specific to each community campaign – helping searchers quickly get to the information they are looking for.
  • Implementing a negative keyword strategy across the account. We add negative keywords to every campaign we manage; it’s one of the best ways of focussing the adverts towards a relevant, engaged audience.
    Creating a brand campaign, so that Sunrise now dominates the Google results for brand searches.

The Results

When comparing PPC metrics over the six months to the end of April 2013 the account performance improved significantly:

  • Conversion rate increased by 142%
  • Cost per enquiry fell by 66%
  • Keywords with a quality score of 9 or 10 increased by 712%
  • PPC traffic quality increased with users spending 15% longer on site

And, of course, we generated many more leads and enquiries for Sunrise, an impressive 519% increase.

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