How Swagger & Swoon’s remarketing campaign increased average order values by 52%

How Swagger & Swoon’s remarketing campaign increased average order values by 52%

Swagger & Swoon

Swagger & Swoon used Remarketing to re-engage shoppers, convert 12.41% of basket abandoners into sales, and increase average order value by 52%!

Remarketing with Receptional

Swagger & Swoon is a leading online retailer selling fashion accessories for men, women and children. First established in 2003, they have grown over the years by offering award winning customer service and a range of products that has continually increased; they now stock over 3000 items.

Receptional have been successfully managing Swagger & Swoon’s paid search accounts since February 2010. Remarketing appeared to be a perfect fit for an E-commerce client like Swagger & Swoon to help re-engage their customers and drive additional sales. As with most new services from Google Adwords we recommend, Swagger & Swoon’s Managing Director Gary Baker was keen to trial it within the account.

“The beauty of remarketing is that you can reach past visitors to your site effectively, and do it based on their specific interests. And anything that can help increase conversions is worth looking at.”

– Gary Baker, Swagger & Swoon

Remarketing goals

  • Re-engage visitors that did not purchase
  • Encourage users who abandoned their basket to complete purchases
  • Encourage existing customers to purchase again
  • Target users based on their product preferences during their visit
  • Brand exposure across the Google Display Network


A number of Remarketing audiences were created including visitors to product pages such as ties, bow ties and cravats, as well as visitors that abandoned their baskets, and existing customers.

This granular approach enabled us to offer existing customers a ‘10% off’ code through our ad messaging, and ensured users we knew were interested in ties, for example, were targeted with relevant ads highlighting any promotions or discounts from the ties product range.

We ensured CPC bids were raised for the existing customers and abandoned basket audiences as these users were likely to be more valuable, and created a combination of both text and image ads to maximise ad exposure and reach across the Google Display Network.


The Remarketing campaign has been active within the Swagger & Swoon account since September 2011.  During the first 12 months of the campaign we were targeting a combined total of approximately 15,000 unique users at any given time and received over 5 million impressions across the display Network.


  • 4% of previous visitors that did not purchase returned to the site via Remarketing
  • 12.41% of abandoned basket users converted via Remarketing
  • 11.01% of existing customers converted via Remarketing
  • Average order value was 52% higher than site average from the abandoned basket ad group
  • Average order value was 13% higher than site average for all Remarketing ad groups
  • 2949 view-through conversions over the 12 month period

What the client says

“The Remarketing campaign has delivered well beyond expectations and has surprised us with how effective it is in converting sales. That those sales end up being considerably higher than average is even more reason for us to devote considerable effort in this area, and we will certainly be working with Receptional to develop this further in 2013.”

RGary Baker

Swagger & Swoon

Next steps

After a successful first year using Remarketing, we are keen to use it with further product areas and have begun by targeting users to Swagger & Swoon’s Christmas pages, with the intention to try and re-engage with them in the lead up to this year’s Christmas period.

We are also aware of the upcoming availability of Dynamic Remarketing and Remarketing for search ads, and will be keen to work with Swagger & Swoon to develop new campaigns in both areas in 2013!

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