Potential seen in growing area of mobile search

There is significant potential for growth with the mobile search market, according to a survey by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

The group found that 31 per cent of US adults had used mobile search for the first time in the last four weeks. Those who had already adopted mobile search were making an average of nine searches a month.

Users of mobile search pose an attractive market for advertisers, with people earning an average household income of between $50,000 to $75,000 making 16 searches every month.

In addition, 37 per cent of current mobile searchers users claimed they would be more likely to use the service if voice-searching was added.

"The MMA mobile search study highlights the power of the mobile channel," said Laura Marriott of the MMA.

"Awareness of mobile search is growing among U.S. consumers, creating powerful new opportunities for brands and agencies. The fact that consumers who are unaware of mobile search immediately grasp its benefits after being introduced indicates that the positive trends in mobile search will continue."

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