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Project Brief:

To improve the overall performance of the PPC account using all the tools available, providing increased transparency in all methodology and reporting to improve KPI’s , and increase the overall profitability of all paid search campaigns.

The Problems:

  • Poor performance reports from the previous agency consisting of screenshots and no commentary on performance or the methods used to improve the accounts at all levels.
  • An over dependence on brand with poorly performing ‘retail’ campaigns.
  • A lack of granularity in campaign setup with poor performing keywords/adgroups affecting overall campaign performance.
  • lack of flexibility and responsiveness from the previous agency when required to ensure paid search is playing its vital part in promotional activities.

The Solutions:

  • A comprehensive, bespoke performance report of pre-agreed KPI’s is now supplied on a monthly basis to advise of the problems encountered and solutions provided to improve account performance.
  • Retail campaigns were setup with highly refined keyword lists on the appropriate match types, in granulated ad groups based on search volume and relevancy to improve quality scores.
  • To improve ad performance we conducted extensive A-B ad testing across hundreds of ad groups.
  • The development of effective and profitable retail campaigns through the identification of both the best and worst performing areas based on seasonal trends.
  • Promotions are up-to-date and active as and when they should be to support the companies’ objectives.

The Results:

(January to May 2008 Vs 2009)

  • Revenue up +42.58%
  • Sales up +42.96%
  • Conversion rate up +256.52%
  • Per Visit Value Up +259.38%
  • ROI Increased by +369.72%
  • CPA down by -68.08%

Impressive stuff considering this was in the midst of a recession. This was achieved by lowering the number of visits by 59.76%, in order to reduce the flow of irrelevant and non-converting traffic This subsequently reduced the cost of the campaigns by 54.37%- just going to prove that our percentage of spend model DOES work for our clients, as we strive to provide value .

Such success, honesty and transparency since taking over this account in the summer of 2008, has now led to us now providing the SEO for this company, and most recently assisting with landing page testing. This is a prime example of how we have proven ourselves and justified our case for further services by giving our clients exactly what they want! is the UK’s best established site for weddings , covering everything from wedding dresses to venues and even disposable cameras for your wedding table top .

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