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I saw this today and I think that it is really useful if you have to report on stats and data, especially in Marketing.

Thankyou to David McCandless

The talk is brilliant and I urge you to watch it if you have 18 minutes spare. But it presents us with a challenge at the 13 minute mark, which I have been seeing when I have similarly tried to visualize data. David has created great graphical representations of data, but it took him two months to create two visualization models, when most of teh time we want to visualize or understand data on the fly. For example, I wrote about visualizing anchor text from MajesticSEO which was cool, but further research suggests that I should be a) weighting the words based on ACRank and b) breaking phrases into their constituent words (more on this when I present at Pubcon in November). That’s one heck of a lot more data processing and I need to start wth spreadsheets and then do formulas that would make Newton cringe, before I can actually do the visualization bit.

Visualizing data is going to be increasingly important as information overload gains strength – but just as important will be the accurate and timely collection of the data in the first place.