Pubcon Link Panel Presentation Slides

Pubcon in Las Vegas was a huge conference given the economic climate and was a blast! But more importantly, the interest in MajesticSEO’s link map was staggering and our partnership with the world’s largest commercially available link map was in strong evidence.

As promised, here is our presentation slides on “Real world, high value, low risk link strategies”. The room was packed to the rafters and I received cards from no less than 8 delegates in that room alone. All that volunteered their web address are listed below.


The attendees included: David Reynolds Laptop Mounts from Jotto Desk Industrial Robots Search engine marketing customer magnetism Paula Chesworth (who?!) Chicago Marketing Seminar Castlelar Design code

 Thank you to everyone who turned up. Unfortunately my poor camera skills, combined with a spot light in my face and the not so impressive iphone camera means that the photographs are less than impressive. Here’s the best of a very poor bunch, although Pubcon was videoing the presentations – so I’m guessing that there will be more online in due course.

pubcon linking session

I very much hope you all enjoyed the presentation – please do give feedback in the comments. If you would like my search agency – Receptional Internet Marketing – to do the link reclamation map on your behalf, then our prices start for this at £250 UK pounds (That’s about 20 cents on the current exchange rate – but check my maths.) Please fill in the contact form at on our link-reclamation page saying which site you would like analyzed for a proper quote on this. We can also carry out a full link intelligence report for you, analyzing up to five of your competitors. This is quite a bit more work and cost – so if you want to do it yourself, you know where the link analys is tools are.

Thanks again,



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  1. Hi Dixon,

    Thanks for the slides, always good to take back to the office.

    Is it cheeky to point out my link is broken :(

    You have it as:

    Should be:


  2. No idea what happened there, David.

  3. Dixon, Your New tool is awsome… We love it, THX for the in-depth demo during lunch. Your Tool Opens New Doors to Marketing. Keep up the Great Work

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