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Free QR Code Offer

Throughout September 2011, Receptional are giving newsletter subscribers and Facebook users free QR Codes which redirect users through to the home page of your company website. All you need to do is fill in the contact form telling us which website you want us to create a QR code for.

(If you are not already suscribed to our newsletter and don’t want to miss out on these offers, just press the "like" button on our Facebook page.

Premium QR Code offer

The free offer has no strings attached. Your QR Code will work as long as your site works and does not cost money to maintain. But if you want to take QR Codes to the next level, then Receptional can help you set QR Codes up that link through a premium tracking service. This will allow you to monitor the usage of QR Codes and will also allow you to reroute the codes over time so that you can keep the content fresh. You won’t want to go setting up QR Codes to events and short term offers without this ability – otherwise you will not be able to engage with customers after the events and offers expire. By leveraging QR Codes and a premium URL shortener system,youo start to combine mobile marketing analytics with social media analytics and greatly increase your options into the futire. Why not ask about our premium offerings for QR Codes or ask us to develop QR Code marketing strategies for you?

What else can you do with QR Codes?

QR Codes do not HAVE to link to your website. They might contain text, or a Virtual business card – or initiate an SMS message or and Email. You could send users to YouTube videos or direct to a Paypal or shopping link. They could be used to pay for car parking, or used to register for a WiFi hotspot. They could show users how to find you on Google Maps or start a song.

How will you start using QR Codes? Can we help you decide?